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Track all your important vehicles and large appliances. Easily mounted and easy use.

GTS-LL302 GPS Tracker


The features of this tracker:

  • Connection via BDS/GPS/WiFi and LBS;
  • Equipped with a light sensor;
  • Equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor;
  • Strong magnet present for positioning;
  • Charging via USB;
  • Snap-fit system to open the tracker;
  • Multiple alerts available (vibration notification, tamper alarm, doors open);
  • Battery status displayed on the display.

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Product description


The LL302 is specifically designed for tracking vehicles and objects. This wireless asset operates on the 4G network and supports various methods of determining its position. It works with GPS, BDS, LBS, and even WiFi.

When the LL302’s battery is running low, you will receive a notification. Besides this, you can also receive notifications if the tracker vibrates or if there is any tampering with it. This allows you to ensure optimal security and achieve the best results. With the accompanying cloud platform and mobile app, you can always see the tracker’s location from anywhere.

The features of the LL302 make it particularly suitable for applications such as car rentals, trucks, or other vehicles. To determine the location, this tracker uses multiple systems, including GPS, BDS, and LBS. LBS determines the location based on a mobile network, while GPS utilizes satellites. BDS can use multiple positioning platforms such as Beidou, Galileo, and Glonass. All these positions are received in the cloud platform. If wireless internet (WiFi) is available at a location, the LL302 can also utilize it.

For valuable objects, data security is crucial. That’s why the LL302 is equipped with a light sensor. When the tracker is removed from a surface, light comes through, and the tracker knows something is amiss, sending a notification to the tracker administrator. The same applies to vibrations. If the tracker vibrates, you’ll receive a notification.

Another valuable addition is the temperature and humidity sensor. This allows you to monitor healthy working conditions. With this information, you can better manage your daily tasks and save money. Certain processes are best avoided in high temperatures or humidity.

Like all trackers from this manufacturer, the LL302 also features a strong magnet. This magnet easily sticks to most metal surfaces, making installation almost effortless. The magnet is also removable and lighter than others.

The LL302 offers multiple operation modes, such as Regular GPS mode, Tracking Mode, and Power Saving Mode. In Regular GPS mode, network connections are always on, and the tracker uploads data at fixed intervals. In Tracking Mode, you receive real-time updates on the vehicle’s current location. Power Saving Mode extends battery life. The tracker turns on at predetermined times to upload location data and then goes back to sleep mode.

Optionally, you can also purchase ‘door status detection.’ This feature ensures you always know if a door opens or if there are unauthorized movements. This is especially useful when transporting valuable objects.

With this tracker, you will receive a SIM card with a 10-year validity and almost global coverage via

Inside the box, you will find:

  • The GTS-LL302 tracker;
  • A manual;
  • A magnetic case;
  • A charging cable;
  • A charger;
  • A special magnet.