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Track all your important vehicles and large appliances. Easily mounted and easy use.

GTS-LL01 GPS Tracker



  • 10000 mAh rechargeable battery;
  • 3-Axis accelerometer;
  • IP65 Dust and water resistance;
  • Strong magnet;
  • Communication over LTE Cat M1/NB2 and GSM;
  • Tamper alert;
  • Multiple modes available.

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Product description


Are you looking for a GPS tracker with an ultra-long standby time? That’s the feature that sets this tracker apart from all others. Of course, the battery life depends on how often the tracker needs to report, but with the GpsTrackStore-LL01, you can expect the battery to last for about a year under normal use before needing to recharge. When you use the Power saving mode, the tracker sends a location every 24 hours, extending the battery life.

The GpsTrackStore-LL01 is a tracker that performs well in extreme conditions. It can be effortlessly installed on almost any metal surface, thanks to its strong magnetic holder. If the tracker ever starts to come loose from the object, it immediately alerts the user, ensuring that your belongings are always protected. Additionally, you can also carry the tracker in your suitcase, for example.

The GpsTrackStore-LL01 can be used for various applications, such as vehicle and asset tracking, like rental cars, scooters, and motorcycles. You can equip a company vehicle with it to precisely know its location at any given moment. It’s also popular in trucks, helping managers keep track of their drivers and providing extra security. Additionally, it can be used in suitcases, campers, or motorcycles.

As expected from a GPS tracker, it uses GPS to determine the position, but that’s not the only technology it employs. The GpsTrackStore-LL01 also features LBS (Location Based Service), which uses mobile phone signals. Tracking is done via the same cellular towers that connect mobile phones. While LBS is slightly less precise than GPS, it is still an excellent technology for approximate tracking. Buying a GPS tracker with support for both GPS and LBS gives you the best of both worlds.

When you connect the GpsTrackStore-LL01 to the cloud platform, you can easily view the tracker’s location on a map, providing you with a quick overview. If you own multiple trackers, you can instantly see the location of each object.

This tracker has a rechargeable 10,000 mAh battery, ideal for extended standby time and easy recharging for repurposing the tracker. With IP65 protection against dust and water, the tracker is durable and capable of optimal performance even in the most challenging conditions.

In case anyone tampers with the tracker, you will know immediately. The GpsTrackStore-LL01 is equipped with a ‘tamper alert.’ As soon as the light sensor detects the tracker being removed from its surface, you receive an instant notification. This feature makes this tracker a reliable solution for securing valuable objects.

With this tracker, you will receive a SIM card with a 10-year validity and almost global coverage through

Inside the box, you will find:

  • GTS GPS tracker Internal magnet
  • Mounting plate
  • Charging cable
  • Dutch-language Smartphone app (can be any language)
  • Clear Dutch-language manual